No program has yet been set for 2017!

Friday 22rd september

15.00 Convention opens
17.30 Best small (Competition)
18.30 Best color (Competition)
19.30 Suspension show
21.00 Roap-performance
22.00 Best neo/new school (Competition)
23.00 Best of friday (Competition)
00.00 Convention closes

Saturday 23th september

12.00 Convention opens
14.30 Best weird (Competition)
15.30 Best traditional (Competition)
16.30 Suspension show (Not suitable for children)
18.30 Best japanese (Competition)
19.30 Best black & grey (Competition)
20.30 Rep-performance
21.30 Suspension show
23.00 Best of saturday (Competition)
00.00 Convention closes

Sunday 24th september 

12.00 Convention opens
14.00 Best portrait (Competition)
15.00 Best big/sleeve (Competition)
16.00 Suspension show
18.00 Best of show (Competition)
19.00 Convention closes

*Changes in the convention program can occur.
For example, competitions can be cancelled if the interest and participation rate is to low.


Robin Wrede

Conférencier 2017

Robin was born and raised in Helsinki, but has the last ten years lived and worked in Stockholm.
Since 2003, he has worked as a shop assistant or as it is called nowadays, shop manager, at four of Scandinavia’s biggest studios with everything from 8 to 20 tattoo artists per studio. For the past six years he has worked in Stockholm Classic Tattoo.
2006-2008, he was able to work as an apprentice of an elderly American tattoo artist. During that time he had the opportunity to hone their skills further on the unwritten rules in the tattoo world, traditions, customer service, etc.
Robin has worked with about 200 different tattoo artists from Europe, the US, Japan and South America. He has also worked as a compere at various major trade fairs in Scandinavia.

We super excited that Robin once more will be the captain (Conférencier) of Ume Tattoo Fest 2017.
He really lifted the convention back in 2016 with his great knowledge, charm and brilliance on stage.